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go from stressed to  healthy.

Stress is on the rise. We all are trying to navigate what normal looks like every day, which is why it’s important to know you’re not alone. You have support.

We can begin your journey to pinpoint your stress triggers and begin leading a whole, healthier life. 

I understand it’s been tough.

Have you been feeling like something is out of place? Maybe you have been feeling a lot more pressure lately. Or, you’ve been feeling like your emotions are uncontrollable. Perhaps you’ve not been able to quite put your finger on what exactly has been going on. Maybe you’ve been struggling with:

Chronic Pain

You’ve been feeling pain that doesn’t seem to go away. You want to use an natural alternative to help pinpoint and soothe the pain.

Emotional Stress

You realize that you have been less patient, more angry, sad or anxious. You’re looking for healthy coping mechanisms to learn how to manage stress, especially in your emotions.

Low Energy & Productivity

You’ve been working out and eating right, but you have been running low on energy at crucial times. It’s holding you back from being your best professionally and personally.

Not Having a Long-Term Plan

You’re looking to establish a plan and go beyond the quick fixes and temporary solutions. You want to thrive in every area of your life and flourish consistently but don’t know where to start.

what my clients are saying:

I was looking for a naturopathic doctor that offered holistic care and a variety of therapies aimed at utilizing natural based treatment that was more affordable. I received an array of treatments that was targeted to my specific needs. Dr. Ge helped me to improve in my emotional health by demonstrating great self-care techniques.
Princess B. 

what my clients are saying:

I first started seeing Dr. Ge for my shin splint flare ups and can now enjoy being active with less pain again after making some dietary modifications, receiving cold laser therapy, new orthotics, and supplementation. Dr. Ge always took her time to listen and understand my concerns and then thoroughly explained the benefits of each of her recommendations. Working with Dr. Ge was always a pleasure and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Aisha K. 

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time to become the whole you.

I’m Dr. Gertrise Thomas, N.D. I am a Naturopathic Doctor that is passionate about seeing you healthy and whole — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
When it comes to naturopathic health, I understand that there are many gimmicks, and ‘quick fixes’ that result in yo-yo improvements and you not feeling heard. You deserve to understand how stress effects your entire body, have your concerns heard and how you can find relief.
I develop personalized wellness plans that can include nutritional and lifestyle counselling, botanical medicine, supplements, meditation and breathing techniques. This plan will help recalibrate the way you view and manage stress responses.

how to start the journey

Book your Consultation

Fill the application below, which will be emailed to me immediately. This will help me to understand what you need and how I can help find solutions to help you transform.

Meet with Dr. Ge

If we are a good fit, we’ll have a 30 minute call to discuss your needs and how we can put together a on-going customized plan for your growth.

you’re a good fit, if …

  • You want to improve your productivity and energy levels
  • You want to level up emotionally and in your mindset
  • You need accountability concerning self-care and stress management
  • You need to find an alternative way to manage chronic pain
  • You want to assess your stress levels
  • You want to learn coping mechanisms to improve stress management
  • You need to initiate a customized and holistic plan to approach your health

don’t let excuses win.

If you do, you risk:

  • Remaining stuck in the cycle of emotional stress and could end up burnt out
  • Continuing in the unknown with unanswered questions about your health
  • Being stunted personally and professionally without identifying the issue
  • Struggling to become whole without accountability  

the journey to the whole you is about to begin.